The Federal

The Federal

135 Cooper Street
Agawam, MA 01001
Phone: 413.789.1267


Cuisine American Seafood Italian Steakhouse

Our old world historic brick and contemporary decor create an ambiance of fine dining. Our patio can extend your dining experience to enjoy the sunny days or moonlit nights. In addition to our excellent steak menu, we feature innovative contemporary offerings that change seasonally. The Tapas menu is equally diverse. If you desire something special, our executive chef and staff will be happy to accommodate you.

Large Platter Take Out Menu for graduations, showers, parties, etc.

The Federal__Take_Out_Menu

Healthy Dinners To Go

 Crustless Vegetable Quiche                                        Curry roasted cauliflower  


Edamame – snap pea  snow pea sesame vinaigrette     Forbidden Rice Heart of Palm  Pickled Mushrooms

Dinner menu ~ Starters and Pizza

Dinner menu ~ Fish Soup & Salad Pasta

Dinner menu ` Pasta continued Meat Chef Tasting Menus

Savings & Coupons



Banquet - Catering Lunch Station

 The Federal_NEW_Lunch_2

Banquet - Catering Dinner Station

he Federal_NEW_BC_Dinner_Sta

Banquet in-house beverage service

The Federal_NEWB_in-house_beverage

Banquet - Catering Federal Signature Brunch Buffet

Banquet - Catering Breakfast Bar

The Federal_NEW_BC_breakfast

Banquet - Catering Memorial Lunch Buffet

The Federal_NEW_BC_Mem_Lun_Buff

Banquet - Catering Plated Packages

Banquet - Catering Circulating Hors d'Oeuvres

The Federal_NEW__BC_circ._

Quick & Healthy Eating


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